International Committee

Honorary Chairs:


  • Charalambidis, Dimitrios
    Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas; Greece
  • DiMauro, Louis
    Ohio State University; USA
  • Echenique, Pedro
    University of the Basque County; Spain
  • Kapteyn, Henry
    University of Colorado; USA
  • Keller, U.
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zurich; Switzerland
  • Kung, Andy
    Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics; Taiwan
  • Leone, Steve
    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; USA
  • L'Huillier, Anne
    Lund University; Sweden
  • Madsen, Lars
    University of Aarhus; Denmark
  • Marangos, Jonathan P.
    Imperial College; England
  • Mathur, Deepak
    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research; India
  • Nam, Chang Hee
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; South Korea
  • Nisoli, Mauro
    Technical University of Milan; Italy
  • Petek , Hrvoje
    University of Pittsburgh; USA
  • Pukhov, Alexander
    University of Duesseldorf; Germany
  • Rost, Jan-Michael
    Max Planck Institute; Germany
  • Salieres, Pascal
    Atomic Energy Commission; France
  • Scrinzi, Armin
    Vienna Institute of Technology; Austria
  • Ullrich, Joachim
    Max Planck Institute; Germany
  • Umstadter, Don
    University of Nebraska; USA
  • Villeneuve, David
    National Research Council; Canada
  • Vrakking, Marc
    FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics; Netherlands
  • Wei, Zhiyi
    Chinese Academy of Sciences; China
  • Wolf, Martin
    Free University of Berlin; Germany
  • Yamanouchi, Kaoru
    University of Tokyo; Japan