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Syllabus for Kansas Light Source laser systems operator training. Numbers in
the list below correspond to the class session discussing those topics.

KLS System Operation Training


    (KLS general operation, for everyone to come in to see how the whole system works.)

  1. Overview: delay generator, pockels cell, pump lasers, power locking, LN2 system, chillers: normal operation (1-2h) - 5-8 people.

    Basic Knowledge

    (For all groups, since these itmes need to be done most frequently. One or two half-days training for 2 or 3 people each session. Following these classes and 1 or 2 beam times of practice, people should be able to operate on their own.)

  2. Oscillator 1: quick alignment to get mode-lock (0.5-1h) - 3-5 people.
  3. Amplifier 1: quick 4-mirror alignment (0.5-1h) - 3-5 people.
  4. FROG and spectrometer: normal operation (2h) - 3-5 people.

    Advanced Techniques

    (For a small number of qualified people - post-docs and senior students, 2-3 people. Most difficult and time-consuming parts, especially class 5, but they need to be done quite frequently. Classes may take only two half-day sessions, but a long time of practice is needed to become an expert.)

  5. Amplifier 2: full alignment of the optical path from the stretcher to amplifier and the amplifier cavity (4-6h) - 1-2 people.
  6. Compressor: alignment to optimize 2nd and 3rd order dispersion (1-2h) - 3-5 people.
  7. Hollow-core fiber and chirp mirrors: normal operation (1h) - 3-5 people.

    More Advanced Techniques

    (For a few senior people. They are difficult and rarely needed - once a year or less.)

  8. Oscillator 2: full alignment of the cavity (3-4h) - 1-2 people.
  9. Stretcher: alignment to eliminate spatial chirp (2h) - 1-2 people.

    Special Topics

    (Only for a couple of groups.)

  10. Dazzler: operation of dazzler and amplifier alignment with dazzler (1h, assuming class 5 has been taken) - 1-2 people.
  11. PCF and f-to-2f locking: alignment and normal operation (4h) - 1-2 people.

"Short classes" will be added to the KLS schedule on first day of runs once we have a list of participants.

Last updated on Friday, 24-Sep-2010