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When you can leave the Tandem running unattended, and when not.

Tandem/LINAC Attended Operations Policy

Revised: 30 November 2000

To ensure the safety of laboratory personnel and provide protection for laboratory equipment, the following guidelines are provided:

  1. If an operation produces an area with a radiation level greater than 2 mrem/hr (other than the area inside the Tandem tank chains and inside the LINAC shielding wall), at least one person familiar with the operation must be in the lab during the operation.
  2. If the Tandem accelerator terminal voltage is greater than 5 MV, at least one person familiar with Tandem operations must be in the laboratory during accelerator operations.
  3. If none of the items above apply, then the operation may be left unattended provided that a method for contacting the person responsible for the operation is posted on the status board.

Last updated on Tuesday, 30-Sep-2008