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CD Lin

Chii-Dong Lin

University Distinguished Professor,

Theoretical Atomic Physics Group
Ph.D. Physics, 1974, University of Chicago

Contact Information:

Research Interests:

Attosecond physics; theory of dynamic chemical imaging; retrieval of atomic and molecular structures from laser-generated electron spectra and high-order harmonics; general laser-atom and laser-molecule interactions. Quantum chaos in helium atoms.

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We are investigating the interaction of intense femtosecond and attosecond light pulses with atoms and molecules. We have established a quantitative rescattering theory which allows us to extract the structure information on the target from laser-generated high-order harmonics and high-energy photoelectrons. Currently we are extending the method to use ultrashort laser pulses for dynamic chemical imaging with femto- to sub-femtosecond temporal resolutions. We also investigating electron dynamics using attosecond pulses.

Recent Publications:

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