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Lew Cocke

C. Lewis Cocke

Distinguished Professor Emeritus,
Past Director, James R. Macdonald Laboratory
Ph.D. Physics, 1967, California Institute of Technology

Contact Information:

Research Interests:

Momentum mapping of reaction products from photon induced ionization studied with synchrotron radiation and intense laser pulses.

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I am involved in experiments in the JRM lab on the interaction of intense laser pulses from the Kansas Light Source and the MARS laser with atoms and molecules. The purpose is to develop experimental methods for following the motion of the atomic constituents of matter in real time. I am specifically working on COLTRIMS and VMI (velocity map imaging) studies of attosecond pulse trains on atoms and molecules in the presence of an IR field and on the ionization of atoms and molecules through the application ot two-color pulses to them.

Recent Publications:

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